Published November 2022
I was commissioned by Transformers United to art direct their 2022 report called 'Fashion's chemical certification complex', which outlines the ineffective system for chemical management in the fashion industry. 

The images in this report are created with cyanotype, a photographic printing process developed with exposure to sunlight. As they developed, the cyanotypes slowly revealed images of the denim manufacturing process in a blue wash that nods to the indigo dyes of denim and the murky landscape of chemical certifications. I wanted to give the report a sense of craft and process, honouring the work of the people who make our denim.  

The blue marbling effect on the front cover evokes polluted wastewater, one of the environmental hazards of the textile industry. The twists and flicks of marbling is mirrored in the headline font, and the acidic green feels toxic and calls for attention. 

Thanks to Amy Carmann for her support on this project.

Read the full report here.
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