Published June 2021
"We are living in a time of unprecedented crisis, both human and planetary. In order for humans to thrive, we must bring over lives back into balance with nature."
I designed the Pukka's 2020 Impact Report, which explains their mission to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. It covers their journey to be net zero by 2030, their work with organic farmers and wild harvesters, and how they are responding to the climate and ecological emergency. With nature at the heart of their business, I used a blend of cutout plants to 'rewild' the report, powerful photography from their supply chain, and Pukka illustrations to immerse the reader in their journey over the last year. The report was led by Georgia Phillips and Natalie Sluggett at Pukka and written by Jessica Ferrow at Twelve.
Grab a cuppa and read the full report here.
"There Heather did fantastic work designing the Pukka Herbs 2020 Impact Report. She took care to engage with our visual guidelines and creative team to develop a deep understanding of Pukka’s style and then applied this grounding in a beautifully creative and imaginative way to the report copy. She brought our words to life, reflecting our brand and ethos and visualising complex sustainability information. She took time to engage with the team and reflected feedback without losing sight of the creative vision. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heather to any purposeful company looking for an expert designer"
Georgia Phillips
Mission Lead, Pukka
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