Published March 2023
Impact Report design for Finisterre, a B Corp company in Cornwall making sustainable products for surfing and swimming
My Finisterre bikini has been my go-to swimwear for cold water swimming since I discovered the delights of dunking myself in the river during lockdown, finding it a way to connect deeper with myself, with nature, and with others. Finisterre also believes in the power of being in blue spaces to build connection and inspire action to protect our rivers and oceans, so I was thrilled when they got in touch to bring me on board to create this year's impact report. Read the full report to hear about the progress they've made this year, from how they're tackling microfibres through material innovation, to launching a closed loop wetsuit recycling programme, to repair workshops and resell platforms, and making the ocean more inclusive and accessible to every body. 

"Heather was a delight to work with; the process was smooth and she took time to understand the Finisterre brand, delivering a beautiful impact report that brings our journey to life. I can't recommend her work highly enough."
Head of Positive Impact and the Finisterre Foundation, Finisterre
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