Published June 2020
Are the people who make your clothes paid enough to live on? Now you can find out. I created the campaign visual identity and website for Fashion Checker, a new campaign by Clean Clothes Campaign that puts the fashion industry’s low wages in the spotlight, accelerating the campaign for living wages. 
The website gives garment workers, activists and consumers access to real data from supply chains of the worlds’ biggest fashion brands, gaining deeper insight into where clothing was made and the working conditions in which it was produced.
You can search for a brand and see whether they’re paying a living wage to their workers. SPOILER ALERT: 93% of the surveyed brands aren't. The website publishes list of demands to brands and policymakers, and you can take action by tweeting the brand to "#GoTransparent and pay a #LivingWageNow". 
Visit the website:
"Heather's approach is not so much about just a visual identity, but about refining and highlighting the values and goals of a campaign. Working interactively, she knows how to make the visuals and the underlying policy goals empower one another"
Transparency Lead, Clean Clothes Campaign International Office

"It was a real pleasure to work with Heather. Not only did she deliver stunning infographics and a complete visual identity for our campaign, she invested a lot of energy into understanding our objectives and made sure her work wasn't just a part of our campaign but actually improved our messaging."
Living Wage Coordinator, Clean Clothes Campaign International Office
The "Filling the Gap: Achieving Living Wages through Improved Transparency" Project is co-funded by the European Union.

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