Published November 2022
Branding and Zine for Becoming Crew, a transformational and experiential (un)learning adventure, designed to deepen our connection to ourselves, our fellow human beings, and to the more-than-human world. 

I took part in the inaugural 6-month Becoming Crew x Huddlecraft peer-supported learning adventure hosted by Dan Burgess in Autumn 2021. With 11 other crew members, we held our own inquiries around a regenerative project or dream, around the provocation 'how can we learn to think like nature works?' For 6 months I explored the question 'how might I create the conditions for creativity and nature to thrive?', building a deeper connection between my creative practice and the more-than-human world, and tuning into nature's cycles. 

We compiled our learnings and I designed a 72-page zine, printed on recycled newsprint. Read the full zine here

I designed a 'Becoming Crew' logo inspired by portals and transformation, nature's cycles and the messy unraveling of these times. The portal invites you to step into service to regenerate life on our planet, as 'crew' on spaceship earth — not as a passive passenger. I created the logo using paint in a fast brushstroke for a human touch and also to evoke nature's nests, twigs, galaxies, and our interconnection. The circle also represents the held space the learning adventure provides to ask questions and sit with the not-knowing. It emphasises the programme's iterative approach where you continually test your ideas, experiment, learn and refine. 
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